Little Seoul I.

This painting comes from "Around the world collection". It is a map of Seoul and was inspired by the blooming fields transpassed by a golden ribbon - the river overseen by the white moon rabbit and its female mate.
The moon rabbit is the markings on the moon and in Korea, it is supposed to be pounding rice in the mortar in order to make rice cakes.
The moon rabbit is a symbol of long and prosperous life and you can find it in a Korean song “Half’Moon”, lyrics of which are as followed:

High above the deep blue sky, down the Milky Way,
Rides a ship without a sail, with no oars they say,
Ship of white, its only crew, is a rabbit white,
Westward it floats along, silently through the night.

This is an original artwork and it goes with signed Certificate of Authenticity. Ready to hang unframed if preferred.

2016 | Combined Technique on Canvas | Diptych | 50x100x2 cm & 40x50x2 cm

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